Fire Soup, Hjällbo Fritidsgård (2018)

Eldsoppa, Hjällbo fritidsgård 2018. Foto: Erik Sjödin.

In collaboration with Askim Escape Pod youths at Hjällbo fritidsgård in Gothenburg were introduced to the projects "We Still Carry The Fire" and "Fire Soup".

"We Still Carry The Fire" revolves around mobile wood fired kitchens that provide opportunities for social interaction and cooking using fire. The kitchens are continually developed based on experiences from previous excursions.

In Hjällbo a kitchen built out of a baby stroller and other recycled material was evaluated. The kitchen was used to cook "Fire Soup", a hot and spicy soup cooked over fire using yellow, orange and red ingredients.

Eldsoppa, Hjällbo fritidsgård 2018. Foto: Erik Sjödin.

The participants also watched videos and talked about humanities long relationship to fire.

Vi bär fortfarande på elden, Hjällbo fritidsgård 2018. Foto: Erik Sjödin.

NOTE: It is generally not permitted to make fires in densely populated areas or during hot and dry summer months. Before making a fire: 1. Check with the fire department if it is allowed to make fire. 2. Don't make fires if it's dry and windy. Fire can spread rapidly. 3. Always have fire extinguishing equipment close by. 4. Always be at least two persons, in case something should happen. 5. Make sure you can call for help if there is an accident.

Thanks to Hjällbo Fritidsgård, Jens Evaldsson and Askim Escape Pod.