Humans and Bees, Under tallarna (2015)

Human and Bees was a study circle at the culture and cultivation cooperative Under tallarna in Järna.

In the study circle the participants met and immersed themselves in the topic of humans and bees. The study circle was facilitated by Erik Sjödin and took place next to the bee hives at Under tallarna in Järna.

During the study circle the participants read and discussed the following selection of texts and books about humans and bees:

Meeting #1
The Political Beekeeper's Library, Erik Sjödin (2015)

Meeting #2
The Smell of Selfless Love, Green and Ginn (2014)

Meeting #3
Ecologies of Empire, Jake Kosek (2010)

Meeting #4
Empowering Nature, Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing (1995)

Meeting #5
Disappearing Bees, Sumugan Sivanesan & Tessa Zettel (2015)

The Political Beekeeper's Library, Under tallarna (2015)

The photos (35mm slides) and sound recordings above are from Under tallarna where the study circle happened during the summer 2015. In the autumn documentation from the study circle was presented as a part of the exhibition of The Political Beekeeper's Library at Art Lab Gnesta. A photobook is available here. Humans and Bees was initiated and facilitated by Erik Sjödin. It is part of Utlöparna, a collaboration between Konstfrämjandet, Under tallarna, and Art Lab Gnesta.