Our Friends the Pollinators (2018)

In the Our Friends The Pollinators workshops at Uppsala folkhögskola students at the school constructed nests for solitary bees using locally found materials. The student participated in groups of 15-20 students. Each group self-organised and continued the work of the previous group. In total about seventy students participated in the workshop.

Together the participants sawed off pieces of dry wood logs which they drilled holes in using power drills, cut and bundled pieces of reed, and constructed a larger shelter out of wood planks and a piece of plastic roofing sheet.

Our Friends The Pollinators at Uppsala folkhögskola

[Our Friends the Pollinators, workshop at Uppsala folkhögskola. Photos: Erik Sjödin.]

Our Friends The Pollinators at Uppsala folkhögskola

Here is a guide to building houses for pollinators (in Swedish).